Affordable Living Trust in Roseville

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Looking for an Affordable Living Trust in Roseville?

Our estate planning paralegals can prepare a living trust for $550 in Roseville. This service is available to those who are looking for an affordable living trust. There are other options available. You will need to call Roseville Paralegal Services to see if you qualify for our basic living trust services. This option is good for those with few assets and knows exactly what they want to accomplish in their trust. We also provide deed preparation services so you can fund your trust after it is created.

What is a Basic Living Trust?

Many people want to create a living trust and have an idea of what they want it to contain. It is possible to get a basic living trust at an affordable rate. We offer basic living trusts for $550. A basic living trust is for a single or unmarried individual. Generally, they do not have minor children and few assets. The situation becomes complicated when minor children are involved. If there are children under the age of 18, you will need provisions in your trust that allow for their distribution to be managed by a trustee until they reach the age when you want them to receive the money. This requires the set up of a trust within a trust. If you have adult children with special needs or that have issues handling money, you will want to make sure the money or property you leave them is safe from creditors. This requires special provisions in the living trust that protect their inheritance.

If you are married and are looking for a basic living trust, you may qualify. It depends on your assets and how you want your trust structured. If there are no children involved, then the trust may not be complicated to create. This can make it more cost-effective for you and your spouse. If your situation is a little more complicated and you want to make sure you are protected, you should contact our supervising Sacramento estate planning attorney. Justin Anton McCrea will evaluate your situation and let you know how you can accomplish your goals as affordable as possible.

Contact Us for an Affordable Living Trust in Roseville

Sacramento Paralegal Services provides professional and affordable living trust drafting services. If you qualify for a basic living trust or if you want to know more about creating an affordable living trust in Roseville, give us a call at 916-542-0102. We can help you create an estate plan that works for you. If you require more specialized services and legal advice, our supervising attorney can work directly with you.