Citrus Heights Paralegal Services

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Citrus Heights Paralegal Services

Our Citrus Heights paralegal services can help you prepare and file your legal documents in the Sacramento Superior Court and other local courts. For the average litigant, family law and civil judicial council forms are not easy to pick out and prepare. Let us help you select the proper documents, fill them out accurately according to the relevant legal issues, and then file your legal documents in the proper court to get your case heard and resolved. Give Sacramento Paralegal Services a call today.

Family Law Documents

Our Citrus Heights paralegal services provide assistance to those in need of a paralegal for family law issues such as divorce, legal separation, spousal support (otherwise known as alimony), child custody, child support, marital settlement agreements, parenting plans, and domestic violence restraining orders.

Our supervising attorney, Justin Anton McCrea, will take your call and provide you with a no-cost consultation. During the consultation, Mr. McCrea will evaluate your legal issue and let you know what Citrus Heights paralegal services are available in your particular situation. In some circumstances, you may be advised that legal representation would be in your best interests whether you decide to retain our services or not. Mr. McCrea is available to give legal advice and also represents individuals in court if needed.

Civil Documents

Our paralegals in Citrus Heights can provide assistance with small claims, civil suits, bankruptcy, civil harassment restraining orders, mediation, motions, discovery, fee waivers, and more.

Mediation Services

Looking for an alternative to court proceedings. Mediation is an amicable way of resolving issues outside of court. Our mediation services utilize techniques for a peaceful resolution to your legal issues. Give our office a call to see how our Citrus Heights paralegal services can assist you with mediation if your legal issue involves the possibility of mediation.

Contact Our Paralegal in Citrus Heights

If you are facing a legal issue in Citrus Heights, California, you likely need assistance to efficiently process your legal issue with the court. We provide Citrus Heights paralegal services to individuals who might not be able to afford to retain an attorney to completely handle their case. If you need legal assistance and cannot afford to hire an attorney, our Citrus Heights paralegal services can help you through the legal process. Call our office at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment online.