Fair Oaks Paralegal Services

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Fair Oaks Paralegal Services

Do you need help with a legal matter in Fair Oaks, California? Our Fair Oaks paralegal services are available to those that can’t afford to hire a lawyer to help them solve their legal problem.  Most individuals facing legal issues have questions that a legal document assistant cannot legally answer. When you contact Sacramento Paralegal Services, you will speak to a licensed California attorney who will evaluate your legal issue at no cost to you. If you only need paralegal services in Fair Oaks, we can assist you in completing your family law or other legal documents.

Is a Legal Document Assistant Right for My Situation?

A California legal document assistant is not a paralegal. There is a difference. LDAs are not permitted to market themselves as paralegals per the California Business and Professions Code. A legitimate California paralegal works under the supervision and at the direction of an active member State Bar of California. A Fair Oaks legal document assistant, on the other hand, is an independent person that can only fill out your court documents. They cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court. Do you need services that a legal document assistant cannot provide? Contact us for Fair Oaks paralegal services.

Our Fair Oaks Paralegals Can Help

When you contact Sacramento Paralegal Services, you will speak with, Justin McCrea, an attorney licensed in the State of California. He will ask you a few questions to determine the proper legal issues to be addressed. If our Fair Oaks paralegal services are right for you, he will give you an estimated cost. If your legal issues might require the assistance of counsel, Mr. McCrea is available or can refer you to someone that can help you.

We Can Help You File For:

Legal Separation
Child Custody
Child Custody Stipulations
Spousal Support and Child Support
Civil Matters

Contact Sacramento Paralegal Services Today

If you are looking for reliable assistance with your legal documents in the Fair Oaks area, contact Sacramento Paralegal Services. We evaluate your case based on your situation and give you affordable options for handling your legal matter. We can provide services beyond that of a Sacramento legal document assistant, call us at 916-542-0102 for Fair Oaks paralegal services.