Find a Paralegal Near Me

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I Need to Find a Paralegal Near Me

If someone has asked you, “Do you know a paralegal near me?” Tell them about Sacramento Paralegal Services. We will help you file for divorce, spousal support, child support, child custody, probate, estate planning, small claims, landlord tenant issues, bankruptcy, restraining orders, and more. Our combined experience with legal issues including family law, civil matters, criminal justice, disabilities, special needs children, Autism, federal and state courts will be used to help you solve your legal problems.

What Should I Look for in a Paralegal Near Me?

There are many things that a paralegal should know. They should tell you whether they are sole practitioners or work for an attorney. To ba a legitimate paralegal in California, an attorney must direct and supervise the legal work. The first and foremost quality you should look for in a paralegal is ethical behavior. If a paralegal is not ethical they are jeopardizing their client’s reputation as well as their own. Communication is essential in any service industry, however, it is particularly important for a paralegal to possess above average communication skills. If a matter is not fully communicated or misinterpreted it could cost a client on many fronts.

What Skills Should a Paralegal Near Me Possess?

A California paralegal must possess the knowledge and skills to write effectively. If a paralegal is unable to recognized and draft the legal issues that are communicated by their client, it could mean that the real legal issue(s) may never be addressed or may be lacking in some aspect. That paralegals be resourceful and know how to use technology to research the law is critical. Information technology is constantly changing as well as the information source providers. We invite you to see how we are good at what we do.

Where Can I Find a Paralegal Near Me?

Sacramento Paralegal Services serves the greater Sacramento area including Sacramento County, Placer County, and Nevada County. Our paralegals can meet in an office near you and can even come to your location. This will save you time and money. Also, thanks to technological advances, we can conduct most of our business online. Of course, we would like to meet face to face, but if your circumstances or location makes that nearly impossible, we can still help you file legal documents. Give us a call today at 916-542-0102.