Help Filling Out Child Custody Forms in Sacramento

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Do you need help filling out child custody forms in Sacramento? You can hire an attorney to represent you through the child custody process but not everyone can afford an attorney. There is also the option of hiring a legal document assistant, however, legal document assistants cannot give you legal advice or explain the process and what you should or should not do. Many people often mistake legal document assistants as paralegals.

To qualify as a paralegal in Sacramento, the individual must meet certain legal requirements. These include experience, working under the supervision and direction of an active member of the State Bar of California, refraining from giving legal advice, and the requirement of continuing legal education. A paralegal cannot contract with a consumer, the consumer must contract with the supervising attorney in order to access paralegal services in Sacramento.

Many people looking for help filling out child custody forms in Sacramento often seek self-help services or go to the Sacramento law library. They quickly find out that these types often services do not provide them with the answers or guidance they are looking for. They also discover that doing things on their own takes a substantial amount of time and this becomes problematic if they have to work during the week.

Sacramento Paralegal Services is a legal services business that focuses on helping people with family law legal problems such as divorce and child custody. Their goal is to help people through the process as quickly and affordably as possible. When you contact Sacramento Paralegal Services your call will be answered by a licensed California lawyer, Justin McCrea. He will not charge you to speak with him. He will evaluate your situation and provide you with affordable solutions. If you do end up needing a lawyer to represent you in court, he is available.

Most people looking for help filling out child custody forms in Sacramento or looking to enforce a child custody order want to speak with someone that knows the law and can provide them with some sort of guidance. Mr. McCrea understands these types of situations and addresses the concerns of his clients. He will direct the paralegal to complete the necessary work to complete and file your custody documents with the Sacramento family court. We also provide paralegal services in Grass Valley, Auburn, Roseville, Folsom, and Elk Grove. Give Sacramento Paralegal Services a call today at 916-542-0102.

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