How Do I File for Divorce on My Own in Sacramento?

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How Do I File for Divorce on My Own in Sacramento?

When many people decide to file for divorce in Sacramento they often have the question, “How do I file for divorce on my own in Sacramento?”. This is quite understandable as many people cannot afford to retain an attorney or are not aware of their legal rights. I know that many people attempt to file for dissolution of marriage on their own and run into many problems that often prolong the process or cause them to spend more money then they would have had they enlisted the assistance of a paralegal in Sacramento from the start.

In a number of divorce cases, it may be wise to represent yourself in court. This is especially true where there are little assets or debts, no children involved, and the divorcing spouses make roughly the same amount of money. The question then becomes, how do I file for divorce on my own in Sacramento? The simple answer is that you need to complete the required documents that are relevant to your case, file them, and have them personally served on your spouse. People then want to know what documents they need to complete and want to know how to complete them properly. Some gather some information they find online and attempt to complete them and then try to file them with the court. The clerk at the family law court in Sacramento will reject your documents if they are not complete or if all the documents your case requires are not submitted.

Some of these people will then call around to attorneys to try and get the information they need. The problem is, a Sacramento divorce lawyer is not in business to help people through the divorce process or tell them how to complete divorce documents on their own. They have to charge for their services in order to stay in business. You may think that attorneys charge too much money. The average cost of an attorney to represent you in a divorce in Sacramento charges between 300 and 400 dollars per hour. Some charge $250 an hour but these attorneys are finding they can no longer afford to represent clients at that rate and are increasing their hourly rate.

There are some attorneys in Sacramento that will unbundle their legal services. This means they will contract with you to help you with a certain aspect of your case. If you are looking for Sacramento Paralegal Services, the person that you will contract with must be an attorney. A paralegal works under the direct supervision of a licensed attorney. The attorney must contract with you per the rules of professional conduct and the business and professions code. If an alleged paralegal you are working with does not work for an attorney or if they contract with you directly, they are violating state law.

Working with a paralegal can be affordable and they will answer your question, “How do I file for divorce on my own in Sacramento?”.  The attorney should discuss your case with you and give you legal advice pertaining to your particular situation. Their services should also be available should you need representation in court. Should you need to know what to do in court, the attorney should give you suggestions, however, obtaining advice related to how you should represent yourself in court proceedings may cost.

Sacramento Paralegal Services is a full-service paralegal services provider located in Sacramento, California. They provide assistance filing for divorce as well as many other legal services. A licensed California attorney supervises their work and will be the individual you contract with if you are in need of their services. Give them a call today if you are searching for, “How do I file a divorce on my own in Sacramento?”. The supervising attorney, Justin McCrea, will evaluate your case and determine the cost for the different types of services you need. If you retain Sacramento Paralegal Services, Justin will make sure you are well prepared if you choose to represent yourself in court.


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