Looking for a Paralegal in Grass Valley?

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I grew up in Grass Valley, California. I graduated from Bear River High School which is just across the street from Lake of the Pines. Sadly, I left the area in 1997 but for good reason. I wanted to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. Now that I have fulfilled that dream I often think about and visit Grass Valley and Nevada City. There are some gorgeous view and some very good establishments.

I took on a criminal case in Nevada County a few weeks back which brought me to the Nevada County Courthouse in Nevada City. I ate breakfast at the South Pine Cafe. It was delicious and I was very impressed. I decided then that I wanted to take on more cases in the area. When I was in the courthouse I looked around and saw many people that appeared to be representing themselves. Some were there for divorce and child custody matters and others for criminal cases.

I realized that there were people that could afford to retain an attorney and I would be willing to take on their cases. Then I thought about the people that may not be able to afford attorney representation in Nevada County. I wondered if there was a paralegal in Grass Valley that could help people with legal documents and guide them through the process. So I conducted some internet research. It did not appear that there were any real paralegals in the area. There were plenty of listings for legal document assistants.

In order to be a genuine paralegal in Grass Valley, the paralegal must be supervised and directed by an attorney. That is when I decided to offer Grass Valley paralegal services to those people in the area that cannot afford to be represented by a lawyer. I will be conducting the intake for every client and be advising what legal services we can provide at an affordable cost. If legal advice is needed or representation becomes necessary, I will be able to provide those services.

So if you are looking for a paralegal in Grass Valley, give us a call at (916) 601-9441.

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