Need Help With Legal Documents in Sacramento?

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If you have a legal problem in Sacramento you will need to file legal documents to get your case started. Many people do not know where to start. Some search the internet for the answers to their questions. This poses many potential problems. First, the laws of California are particular so when people find information from another state, it does not apply to California legal issues.

Individuals seeking help with legal documents in Sacramento have options. They can go to the court’s public service center where they may be able to find someone to answer basic questions for filling out court documents. If you choose this option, be prepared to wait. Most of these centers are limited in their hours and are swamped with people looking for help. They also will not be able to answer all of your questions nor can they give you legal advice.

Legal document assistants in Sacramento can help people fill out documents to file with the court. They are often confused with legal assistants and paralegals. A legal document assistant cannot give legal advice. They are breaking the law if they do. Be careful using this type of service. Mistakes are often made by inexperienced LDAs which end up costing people even more money and wasting their time. They are also limited in what they can charge for legal document preparation. If you are considering hiring a legal document assistant, check online to see what they can legally charge for the services you need. If you have a complaint against an LDA, contact the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Paralegals can assist with legal matters. They are another option that people needing help with legal documents in Sacramento have. A true paralegal works for a licensed lawyer, so you will need to make sure that the person claiming they are a paralegal actually works under an attorney. A legitimate Sacramento paralegal service will have an attorney that will evaluate your situation and advise you what their paralegal can do for you. The attorney’s services should also be available in case you need legal advice or representation in court because a paralegal cannot perform these types of legal services.

Sacramento Paralegal Services is run by licensed California attorney, Justin Anton McCrea. They provide paralegal services to individuals needing paralegal services. Attorney McCrea can provide legal advice and representation in court if your case requires it. Call 916-542-0102 for more information or for help with legal documents in Sacramento.

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