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Searching for a Paralegal in Sacramento?

If you are in the Sacramento, California area and are looking for assistance with legal documents, you may be searching for a paralegal in Sacramento. Not everyone that advertises paralegal services is actually a paralegal. A legitimate paralegal works under a licensed California lawyer. You will be working with the attorney from the start. They will supervise and direct the paralegal’s work. If this is not the case, you may want to question the person you are doing business with.

Sacramento Paralegal services has a paralegal in Sacramento that can help you with your legal issue. Regardless if you are filing for divorce and need assistance or whether you are looking for a trained legal professional to draft a will or a trust for you, we have the paralegal services you are looking for. You will work directly with a licensed California attorney. The paralegal will only perform services they are legally allowed to provide.

What Can a Paralegal in Sacramento Help Me With?

If you are looking for help preparing legal documents in Sacramento County, we can help you file in family court. Our paralegals are experienced, knowledgeable, and attorney directed and supervised.

What Are the Fees For A Paralegal in Sacramento?

A paralegal is not legally able to set the fees that are charged to a client in California. The paralegal’s supervising attorney must contract with the client for the paralegal’s services. If you have located a paralegal in Sacramento and they are referring you to an attorney that allegedly supervised them, make sure what they are telling you is accurate. At Sacramento Paralegal Services, you will work directly with the supervising attorney, Justin Anton McCrea, who will supervise and direct the paralegal on what work to do on your case. After he evaluates your case, he can provide you with an estimated cost for the paralegal’s services and provide legal advice. If you end up needing representation in court, he can help you with that.

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Sacramento Paralegal Services is here to help you prepare your legal documents for divorce, family law, alimony, child custody, child support, and related issues. Call a paralegal in Sacramento today at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment online.