Paralegal Services Sacramento Office Open For Business

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Our paralegal services Sacramento office is open for business and taking new clients in need of a paralegal in Sacramento. We can help you file for divorce in the William R. Ridgeway Family Relations Court located on Power Inn Road. Attempting to handle your divorce on your own can be a very frustrating process. Our Sacramento divorce lawyer can give legal advice or represent you if you decide you need advice or representation. You will likely need to take a lot of time off from work if you regularly work during the week during court hours. The lines are long to file documents.

The paralegals at our paralegal services Sacramento office have experienced long wait times just to file documents at the Sacramento family court. The average wait time is about 2 hours. Don’t think about leaving and coming back after you get a number, if they call your number and you are not at the counter very quickly they move on. This means you will have to get another ticket and wait again.

If you are having child custody issues and need assistance through the court process, our paralegal services Sacramento office is available to complete your documents with the support of a licensed Sacramento child custody attorney. We also help complete child support documents. The packet you may have received from DCSS may seem overwhelming. We understand how you feel. The experienced professionals at Sacramento Paralegal Services will help you complete the packet.

There are many things a Sacramento paralegal can help you with. There are some things only an attorney can help you with such as giving legal advice and representing you in court. A genuine paralegal in Sacramento is supervised and directed by an attorney so the attorney should be available for legal advice or representation should the need arise during your case.

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