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Need a Paralegal in Auburn?

Our experienced staff provides Auburn paralegal services. We offer attorney supervised legal document assistance and preparation in Auburn, California. We complete your documents quickly and efficiently at an affordable rate so you can get your legal matter heard as quickly and efficiently as possible. Using a legitimate paralegal in Auburn will save you money and time. We can also help alleviate the frustrations of handling legal issues on your own. Because we are supervised by a California attorney, our communications will be protected by the attorney client privilege.  We are professional and compassionate legal assistants. When necessary, our supervising is available to give legal advice and representation in court. We want to make sure you understand the steps required for completing your matter.

Our Auburn paralegal services are here to help those who cannot afford the cost of attorney representation in Placer County. We are skilled in what we do. Our Auburn paralegals have the knowledge, skills, and resources to present your legal matter in the light most favorable to you. We can meet you in Auburn or at your residence in Placer County.

What Can a Paralegal in Auburn Help Me With?

Divorce or Legal Separation: Whether your divorce or legal separation is uncontested or contested, we can help you with the preparation of the required documents.

Spousal Support: Are you trying to get alimony from your spouse? We can help prepare the documents that will allow you to put the issue in from of the Placer County Family Court. There are many factors the court considers when setting spousal support. Call us for assistance in laying out a compelling request for spousal support in Auburn.

Child Custody and Child Support: After assistance with the preparation of your documents, our services include taking your completed forms and documents to the court for filing and/or to the county office for recordings. Our staff is experienced with court procedures and will assist you in navigating the filing and recording processes.

Wills, Trusts, and Other Estate Planning Documents: Our paralegals in Auburn can draft trusts, wills. We can also draft trust amendments and codicils to wills. We will gather all necessary information upfront. Our supervising estate planning attorney will advise you of what estate planning documents are in your best interests.

Deed Preparation: Our deed preparation paralegals are able to help you in transfer title to your real estate. We can prepare the appropriate deed with the required county documents. This is particularly important if you are funding your revocable living trust or asset protection trust in California. We can record your document in any California county. If you need a grant deed, quitclaim deed, affidavit of death of joint tenant, affidavit of death of a trustee, or another type of deed in California, we can help.

Probate: If someone you know has passed away and they left you in charge, we can help. If the family member or another loved one died without a will, we can help you start the probate process.

Paralegals in Auburn

To be a paralegal in Auburn, you must be supervised and directed by an active member of the California State Bar. Legal document assistants are not licensed and are prohibited by California law from giving legal advice. They also cannot represent their customers in court.

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Contact Us For Auburn Paralegal Services

Need assistance completing legal documents in Placer County? Our Auburn paralegals can help you file. Your legal documents will be completed by a paralegal and reviewed by our supervising attorney, Justin Anton McCrea. If you are unable to pay court fees, we may be able to file a fee waiver with the Placer County Court in which you are filing your legal matter. If your fee waiver is approved, the Roseville or Auburn court will waive the filing fees for your case. If you need legal document assistance in Auburn, contact us for Auburn paralegal services at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment online.