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Need a Paralegal in Grass Valley?

Grass Valley is a small California community. It is definitely family friendly and everyone seems to know everyone. This makes it difficult when you are experiencing a legal issue. The legal services available in Nevada County are expensive. Also, not everyone knows an attorney or paralegal in Grass Valley. Depending on your financial situation, your option of hiring a lawyer to help you with your legal dispute may be limited. This is where our Grass Valley paralegal services can help.

At Grass Valley Paralegal services, our Grass Valley paralegal is supervised by a licensed attorney in California. We can meet you in Nevada City, Grass Valley, or at your Residence in Nevada County. We can get most of the information we need from you via email, thus saving you the time of having to meet with our paralegal in Nevada City or Grass Valley each time we need to get some information or have you review where we are on your case. We can provide as little or as much work on your case as you want. If you need legal advice or representation in court, our supervising attorney, Justin Anton McCrea, is available.

What Can a Paralegal in Grass Valley Do For Me?

Our Grass Valley paralegals can help you with your legal matter. They can complete legal documents for family law cases, civil disputes, small claims, landlord tenant┬ádisputes, and more. You definitely want to make sure your legal documents are correct if you are facing legal problems. There are other document preparers that offer services in Nevada County, however, many of them are not supervised by a licensed attorney. Our paralegal’s work will be performed under the direction and supervision of a licensed attorney. This means a lawyer will review the circumstances of your case and direct the paralegal what to do.

After the paralegal assigned to your case completes your documents, our attorney will review them for accuracy. We can then arrange for them to be filed in the Nevada County Court and then served on the other party. Regardless if you are the petitioner or the respondent, we can assist you with your legal matter. Your legal dispute will be reviewed by a lawyer so you can be confident that the documents are selected and completed correctly and that they accurately reflect the issues involved.

Our Grass Valley Paralegals Can Help With:

  • Filing for Divorce
  • Filing for Legal Separation
  • Filing for Spousal Support
  • Filing for Child Custody
  • Filing for Child Support
  • Filing for Visitation
  • Filing Restraining Orders
  • Filing Probate
  • Drafting a Will
  • Drafting a Revocable Living Trust
  • Drafting a Power of Attorney

How Much Will Paralegal Services Cost Me?

We cannot quote an exact price until we understand your legal issues and the involved facts and circumstances. When you call, you will speak to our supervising attorney who will evaluate your case, explain what the paralegal can do for you, and provide a cost estimate. You will not pay attorney fees unless you need extensive legal advice or representation in court. Non-attorneys cannot give legal advice nor can they represent you in court.

We Have:

  • Grass Valley Family Law Paralegals
  • Grass Valley Divorce Paralegals
  • Grass Valley Child Custody Paralegals
  • Grass Valley Child Support Paralegals
  • Grass Valley Estate Planning Paralegals
  • Grass Valley Probate Paralegals

Contact Grass Valley Paralegal Services

Need help preparing legal documents in Nevada County? Our paralegals are able to assist. The work will be completed by a paralegal and reviewed by our supervising attorney, Justin Anton McCrea. If you cannot afford court filing fees, we may be able to file a fee waiver with the Nevada County Court. This will waive the filing fees for your case. If you need legal document assistance, contact Grass Valley Paralegal Services at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment online.