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Do I Need a Sacramento Child Custody Paralegal?

If you have children, you look out for their best interests. The problem surfaces when parents do not agree on the best interests of their mutual children. This becomes especially problematic when the parents split up. Some parents are able to come to an agreement without the need for child custody court intervention. Whether you can come to an agreement with the other parent or not, it is wise to have a custody order in place. This minimizes the chance that the other party will try to keep your kids from having frequent and continuing contact with you. A Sacramento child custody paralegal can help.

If you decide you want to represent yourself in your child custody case, you should have knowledgeable and effective legal assistance throughout the process. Our Sacramento child custody paralegal can help you select the proper documents, complete them, file them with the clerk of the Sacramento family court, and with serving the papers on the other party. Sacramento Paralegal Services provides affordable child custody legal document assistance.

What Can a Child Custody Paralegal in Sacramento Do For Me?

A paralegal in Calfornia is required to work under the supervision and direction of an active member of the California State Bar. This means that your circumstances will be evaluated by a child custody attorney. The proper documents will be selected and completed and the child custody lawyer will review them for accuracy before they are filed with the Sacramento family court. The law prohibits paralegals from giving legal advice and representing people in court. If you need legal advice or representation, our supervising child custody attorney can provide these services.

Our Child Custody Paralegals Can Help With:

  • Filing for Custody
  • Parentage Actions
  • Change of Circumstances
  • Changing Custody Orders
  • Modifying Child Custody Order
  • Parenting Plans
  • Child Custody Stipulations
  • Child Custody Agreements
  • Child Support

How Much Does a Child Custody Paralegal Charge in Sacramento?

A paralegal in Sacramento works under the direction and supervision of a lawyer. In order to retain the services of a paralegal, the attorney will evaluate your circumstances, tell you what the paralegal can and cannot do, and will give you an estimate of what it will cost to complete your child custody matter. If you require services that our Sacramento child custody paralegal cannot provide, our supervising child custody attorney can help you.

Contact Our Sacramento Child Custody Paralegal

We understand that not everyone is able to afford the legal representation they need. Sacramento Paralegal Services provides affordable paralegal services in the Sacramento area. We can help you file for custody of your children. We can also help individuals respond to child custody documents. Our services are customizable to fit your needs. If you need help with a child custody case, contact our affordable Sacramento child custody paralegal at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment online.