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What Can a Sacramento Estate Planning Paralegal Do For Me?

Estate planning is an area in which our estate planning paralegals in Sacramento can prove how cost-effective they can be in creating an estate plan for you. If you are in need of a will, a trust, or a legal document such as a power of attorney or a health care power of attorney, our Sacramento estate planning paralegals can help you. The paralegals we hire to work in this area of law have experience in estate planning, probate, real estate, and accounting. We can help you create an affordable estate plan.

What Does an Estate Planning Paralegal Do?

In estate planning matters, the paralegal’s responsibilities include assisting our licensed California attorney with the initial interview of the client, obtaining information the assets included in the client’s estate, gathering any estate planning documents the client may currently have, which may include trusts created by others for the benefit of the client or their family members. Next, our Sacramento estate planning paralegals will begin drafting wills, codicils, advanced health care directives, trusts or necessary trust amendments. Our attorney will then review the draft and make any needed changes.

The paralegal will also prepare ancillary documents such as powers of attorney, deeds, and other recordable instruments. Sometimes, a client’s assets might be located out of California. This might require our paralegal to research another jurisdiction for the purpose of retitling assets in the name of the client’s trust and the proper documents used in recording the instruments in those states. This may require the use of a service within the other state if necessary.

Our Paralegals Can Help With:

Wills: A will is a legal document that states what the creator’s intentions are after they pass away. This includes distribution of assets to beneficiaries. Other terms may be included such as appointing a guardian of the creator’s minor children upon their death. In order to be legally binding, a will must meet specific legal requirements. If you need a paralegal to create a will for you, we can help.

Revocable Living Trusts: A revocable living trust is a legal document that is generally used to avoid the cost and length of the probate process. Trusts are not public record, so the terms of the trust will remain private. There are specific legal requirements in order for a trust to be legally enforceable. Our Sacramento living trust paralegals will draft a legally enforceable trust at an affordable rate. Your assets must be transferred or retitled in the name of the trust for the terms of the trust to be applicable to them. Our paralegals can help with that too.

Powers of Attorney: A power of attorney is a legal document which generally everyone should have. This type of legal document will allow you to appoint someone to act on your behalf when you are unable to do so. A power of attorney does not apply to health care decisions. The powers the person has are customizable and you may also choose whether the powers are effective immediately or after you are medically determined to be incapacitated.

Advance Health Care Directives: A health care directive is a legal document in which you nominate an individual to make health care decisions on your behalf when you are unable to do so. You can include terms in the document that state your wishes and what the person you select should do in certain situations.

Trust Administration: When the settlor of a trust passes away, the successor trustee will need to follow the terms of the trust. The California Probate Code requires that a trustee follow specific legal procedures when administering a trust. A trustee can be held personally liable for mishandling the administration or trust assets. It is critical to have knowledgeable legal assistance when administering a trust in California. Our Sacramento trust administration paralegals are knowledgeable and experienced. They can assist you through most of the process and where they may not be able to help, our supervising attorney can.

Contact Our Sacramento Estate Planning Paralegals

Paralegals are valuable team members in any type of law, and paralegals playing an active role in estate planning and trust administration can help you minimize the cost of accomplishing your goal. Creating an effective estate plan to meet our client’s needs is always exciting as it affords our paralegals an opportunity to exhibit their creativity. If you need assistance creating estate planning documents or with a trust administration, call our Sacramento estate planning paralegals at 916-542-0102 or make an appointment with Sacramento Paralegal Services online.