Sacramento Notary Services

Sacramento notary services

    Sacramento Notary Services

    We offer notary services in the Greater Sacramento Area. Our notary, Justin McCrea, is a licensed attorney. Many people looking for a mobile notary in Sacramento want someone not only to notarize their document but also to analyze the document’s content from a legal standpoint. Most notaries cannot do this because they are not licensed, attorneys. Only an attorney can give legal advice. So if you are looking for Sacramento notary services and are also looking to have a legal professional review your document, you need to contact an attorney that is also a notary public.

    Why do I need my document notarized?

    People often wonder why they need a document notarized. The brief answer is that so people will know the person that signed the document is actually who they claim to be. Many types of documents require a notary public to verify the signer’s identity. Some documents require that a notary witness an oath or affirmation. This often requires the individual to swear to or affirm something under penalty of perjury. If your document requires a notary and you want to know why, contact our supervising attorney. Mr. McCrea is a licensed attorney and a notary public.

    Do you offer mobile notary services in Sacramento?

    We do offer mobile notary services in Sacramento by appointment. The cost really depends on where you are located, how many signatures you need notarized, and when you need your documents notarized. If Justin McCrea, our supervising attorney, is not available to notarize your document when you need it, he may be able to refer you to someone that is available.

    What types of documents do you notarize?

    We notarize a wide variety of document types. For the most part, Justin McCrea notarizes documents that he and his paralegals prepare for clients. So if you are in need of any of the following documents, our Sacramento paralegals can help you.

    How much does it cost to notarize a document?

    • Travel Fee for Notary Services (8:30 am – 8:30 pm): $50
    • After Hours Notary Travel Fee: $75
    • Minimum Notary Travel Fee For Prisons and Jails: $100
    • Notary Acknowledgements: $15 Per Signature
    • Certified Copy of Power of Attorney: $10 Per Copy
    • Jurat Notary Services: $15 Per Signature
    • Notary Oaths and Affirmations: $15 Per Affirmation or Oath
    • Call for more pricing options for our Sacramento notary services.

    Forms of Payment Accepted for Notary Services in Sacramento

    • Cash
    • Check
    • Credit Cards

    Where can I find a notary near me?

    We provide Sacramento notary services to those in need of a notary to notarize a document or set of documents. Contact our attorney notary, Justin McCrea, at 916-542-0102 to schedule an appointment. He can review your document, however, additional fees may apply. Call Sacramento Paralegal Services today for more information.


    Justin McCrea is a Califonia notary public. Mr. McCrea is also licensed by the State Bar of California to practice law in California. Notary Publics cannot give legal advice unless they are licensed attorneys. If you are in need of legal advice and a notary offers to review your document, make sure the notary is also a licensed attorney. If a notary is not a licensed attorney, they must disclose that they are not an attorney and cannot give legal advice.