Sacramento Deed Preparation Service

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Need a Deed Prepared in Sacramento?

Real property deeds are legal documents that transfer an interest in real property from a Grantor to a Grantee. Our deed preparation services are available to individuals that need a deed prepared to transfer an interest in their real property. The deed that we prepare for you will meet the recording requirements for Sacramento County. Whether you are gifting your real property to another person or transferring your home to a revocable living trust, our Sacramento deed preparation service can help.

Deed Recording Service

Our paralegals are able to file your deed at the Sacramento County Recorder’s Office. We will also prepare all necessary forms to submit to the Sacramento County Assessor’s Office. This is particularly important if you are seeking to avoid reassessment of your property. This can be avoided under certain circumstances.

Can a Paralegal Prepare a Deed for Me?

Our Sacramento paralegals are supervised and directed by an active member of the State Bar. When you use our Sacramento deed preparation service, you can rest assured that your deed to being prepared accurately and according to the requirements for recording. If you have a living trust and own real property in California, you will likely want to transfer it to your trust. This will help avoid the probate process. It will also make things easier on the person you leave in charge after you pass away or can no longer manage your finances.

If you do not have a trust but want to transfer your real property to a trust to avoid probate, our Sacramento probate paralegals can help you create an affordable estate plan.

Can’t I Just Prepare a Deed on My Own?

Sure. There are forms available that you can fill out. The problem with this is that unless you meet legal requirements, you will not effectively transfer the interest in your real property. This could end up causing you many problems and costing you a lot of money especially if it creates a problem in the chain of title.

Contact Our Sacramento Deed Preparation Service

Our legal professionals can prepare your deed effectively and affordable. We can even obtain deeds from the county recorder to verify that the proper interest, grantors, and legal descriptions are used. If you are not experienced in drafting deeds, you probably should not attempt it on your own. Contact our Sacramento deed preparation service, Sacramento Paralegal Services, today at 916-542-0102.