Sacramento Legal Document Assistance

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Sacramento Legal Document Assistance

Don’t settle for legal document assistance in Sacramento where the person helping you complete your court forms cannot select your forms or give you legal advice. When it comes to legal matters, you need to know your legal rights and all options available in your circumstances. Here at Sacramento Paralegal Services, we can help you prepare your legal documents after you speak with our supervising attorney, Justin McCrea. You will not be charged for the initial consultation with our attorney. Our rates are reasonable for Sacramento legal document assistance. Payment plans may be available depending on what type of services you need.

Some services we offer include: 

•  Legal Document Assistance
•  Mediation for Family Law Disputes
•  Family Law Legal Document Preparation
•  Analysis of Your Child Custody Case
•  Estate Planning Documents
•  Revocable Living Trusts
•  Wills
•  Filing for Divorce or Legal Separation
•  Filing for Spousal Support
•  Department of Child Support Services Actions
•  Modification of Child Custody and Support
•  Domestic Violence Restraining Orders
•  Civil Harassment Restraining Orders
•  Emergency Custody Orders
•  Ex Parte Hearings
•  Marital Settlement Agreements
•  Developing a Parenting Plan
•  Deed Preparation Services

Experience and Qualifications Matter in Sacramento Legal Document Assistance

Sacramento Paralegal Services is owned and operated by a licensed California attorney. Our paralegals are experienced and cost-effective. When you contract with us, your communications with our staff are protected by the attorney-client privilege. This is not the case when you work with a majority of Sacramento legal document assistance providers. They will also not be able to represent you in court if it turns out you need legal representation. Our supervising attorney can represent you in court.

Preparation for Your Court Hearing

If you have never represented yourself in court you probably do not know what to expect or what to say. Our supervising attorney will review your case with you. He will tell you what to expect at your hearing. He will also let you know that any issues you want to raise in court must be addressed in your filing documents. If you are not comfortable representing yourself in court, our supervising attorney, Justin McCrea, may offer you a reduced rate based on your circumstances. 

Contact Us for Sacramento Legal Document Assistance

Sacramento Paralegal Services is available to assist you in completing the necessary legal forms to file for divorce, legal separation, spousal support, child custody, child support, and restraining orders. Our work is supervised by a licensed and experienced California attorney. Upon calling, your case will receive an evaluation from an attorney who will tell you what our Sacramento paralegal can do for you and how much it will cost you. For affordable Sacramento legal document assistance, contact Sacramento Paralegal Services at 916-542-0102. We help you file quickly and at a price you can afford.