Should I Hire a Sacramento Divorce Paralegal?

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Hiring a Sacramento divorce lawyer can be cost-prohibitive for many people who are seeking a divorce. However, most people are too intimidated tackling the finalization of their divorce through the family court their own without the help of an attorney or a legal document assistant.

In lieu of retaining a divorce, some divorce litigants are looking into hiring a divorce paralegal to assist them through the process. These legal professionals can help you fill out, file, and serve the correct divorce forms. They offer several different types of legal services at a reduced rate, compared to retaining a family law attorney.

How do I hire a Sacramento divorce paralegal and is it the right option for me?

A divorce paralegal in Sacramento is an assistant to an attorney. Legally, their work must be directly overseen by a licensed attorney. Some claim to be independent paralegals, however, this is a misrepresentation as the law requires attorney supervision and direction of paralegals. A paralegal cannot contract with you for their services. You must contract with an attorney to obtain the services of a legitimate paralegal.
In California, a non-attorney cannot offer legal counsel or advice throughout the divorce process. This is a job function exclusively performed by licensed attorneys. A paralegal also cannot represent you in court if your divorce is headed to trial.

The right divorce paralegal will be directed by the attorney you contract with to prepare the necessary forms. Divorce paralegal in Sacramento are experienced and well-versed in knowing which forms are necessary and how to fill them out properly. Because their work is supervised by an attorney, the attorney will review the documents before they are provided to you for filing.

When should you use a divorce paralegal?

Deciding to hire a Sacramento divorce paralegal is just one option among many for getting through the divorce process in Sacramento. If you and your soon to be former have a fairly simple divorce, a paralegal can generally provide a sufficient level of support. Individuals who do not have kids, little to no property, and few debts that need to be divided between spouses often benefit the most from divorce paralegals.

Hiring a Sacramento divorce paralegal is in between a do-it-yourself divorce and hiring a divorce lawyer. It generally reduces the cost of your divorce, especially compared to retaining an attorney to represent you through the process. These savings are available because divorce paralegals cannot give you legal advice or represent you in court.

Hire a Sacramento Divorce Paralegal

Every divorce case has unique circumstances and individuals, therefore it is impossible to tell you exactly how the process will go for you. Different approaches to divorce have benefits, depending on the circumstances involved. If you are looking to hire a Sacramento divorce paralegal, it can be a great way to save time and money, especially for those who are amicable.

When you are looking for help filing for divorce, ensure the person you are hiring is a properly credentialed professional. If you contact a paralegal directly, you should ask to speak with their supervising attorney. They are the one that you will need to speak with if you want assistance from the paralegal. If they say they do not have a supervising attorney, you are not speaking with a paralegal and should be very concerned with what you may be getting into. With the right research and guidance, a divorce paralegal could be a great addition to your divorce team.

Sacramento Paralegal Services provides assistance to those looking for help with their divorce case. Our supervising attorney is Justin McCrea.

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